For as long as anyone can remember, the world has been calling for peace and love. From individuals to whole countries, the message has been that the world needs peace.

Yet we seem to have rid the world of many of the great people who had the power, focus and potential to bring that change about.

We've killed Jesus, Mahatma Ghandi, JFK, Dr King, John Lennon and possibly Princess Di, if you believe the rumours.

We've imprisoned President Mandela, and I'm sure many others.

When will the world realise the value of these messengers of peace and bringers of hope? When will we agree that they should be protected for the betterment of all human beings?

The world is calling for peace and love and even now we have wars continuing, and people are being killed. Children around the world are being raised in hate and violence, holding back the next generation from tasting the joys of peace.

I often wonder if we are capable of achieving peace. Until we can have peace in our communities, how can world peace be reachable?

Every day in the newspaper I read about murders, bashings, rapes and shootings. Everyone is noticing the growing lack of respect for life from the younger generations - the lack of respect for anything, even themselves. What will the world become when these children control countries and their armies?

What is going wrong for this to be happening?

What will take to fix this? Obviously mass destruction hasn't seemed to shock us into acting for peace, we just keep calling for it. Did violent crime go down and respect and compassion go up after September 11, 2001? Not in my neighbourhood.

We all seem to be more than ready to agree that we need peace, and to ask for peace - but very few of us are actually prepared to do what needs to be done to secure it.

Isn't it about time that we stop talking and actually do something?

I don't just mean politicians or people already active in the community, I'm talking to you! This is your world. If you want peace, you have to make it.

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