If you can get your hands on this drug, only try it with a friend, or at least E2 to hold yer head.

Generic name is zolpidem and unlike most other sedatives that are oftenly abused, er prescribed, stilnox is not a benzodiazepine but it is a hypnotic drug. It is commonly used for short term insomnia treatment.

Typical write up after 10 mg of Stilnox:

pare it just rocks, soooooooooobrang ok, can you tell? huh huh can you tell? of course you can, pputa i am so doped uip on this man, thanks really good.*

uhmm, the thing is yuou see you take the 10 mg pill and 30 minutesd later, the ffects start and then you fell woozy and your neck becomes jelly, your hjead want to fall off, and you feell like after drinking 6 beers WITHOUT the bloatedness and teh UGH but damn man this good this good, if i had girl here now, it would be all goo all doo,but uhmm got ni females so uhmm, still good still good, wow man woohoo hte fingers are jellym hohh jay kleno on TVm hmmm i came from the bost moring aoparty ever, bday ni andre, imagine a bunch of jocks that ended up in law school, they aremasrtass but are not much fun blah blag, and shit no money it sucks. it is hard, man welll usuakly you sopeed then go foen wiht stilnox, but now since i got no weed or speed, stilinox the best!@ woo hoo thank you thank you, BOW ladies and gents, the dork has left the builduingg(sic)

Another addition to my Drugs are bad, mmmmkay? collection.

Pare means like "buddy" in tagalog, sobra means over or excessively so, and puta just means bitch.

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