Stereo/Mono: Paul Westerberg
2002: Vagrant Records.

A lot of fans were disappointed with 1999's Suicane Gratifaction; they complained about the large number of ballads, slow songs, and not enough rockers. Along comes Grandpaboy to fix everything.

Stereo/Mono is a double album from the patron saint of fuckups, a sort of post-20th century White Album for people who want to kill their radio (except when "Little Steven's Underground Garage" is on), without the fucking "No. 9" stuff. The first disc released--Mono--is all rock-n-roll, not too unlike Tim era Replacements (though a little more sedated and a lot more sober). It was released as a Grandpaboy album, Paul's alter ego. Stereo was released as a double album, including Mono in the sleave. Stereo is a largely accoustic album--"fucked up folk music" as he described it.

1. Baby Learns To Crawl
2. Dirt To Mud
3. Only Lie Worth Telling
4. Got You Down
5. No Place For You
6. Boring Enormous
7. Nothing To No One
8. We May Be The Ones
9. Don't Want Never
10. Untitled
11. Mr. Rabbit
12. Let The Bad Times Roll
13. Call That Gone?

1. High Time
2. I'll Do Anything
3. Let's Not Belong
4. Silent Film Star
5. Knock It Right Out
6. 2 Days 'Til Tomorrow
7. Eyes Like Sparks
8. Footsteps
9. Kickin' The Stall
10. Between Love And Like
11. AAA

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