Location: 291 Meadowview Ave, Hewlett Bay Park, NY 11557
Phone: 516 374 7195
Website: www.skahalb.org

Principal: Mrs. Helen Sprin
Vice Principals: Mrs. Rookie Billet, Dr. Tziporah Meir

Early in its existence, before there was anyone to name the place after, this school was humbly called YHSG- Yeshiva High School for Girls. Then the descendants of Stella K. Abraham- rich people who made their money off of Slim-fast- donated money for the school to be named after her.

Hewlett Bay Park is, or recently was (no joke) one of the five richest neighborhoods in the U.S. So the SKA ("Ess Kay Ai", or equally frequently, "Skah") building is an old mansion on a 9.2 acre property. The mansion used to house a Catholic school. It was originally a private home.

The school has about 300 students. The school can not possibly support any more.

SKA is an offshoot of HALB- Hebrew Academy of Long Beach. (On the high school property there is also a more recently built building, housing the HALB preschool.) This educational empire incorporates four schools, all fanatically Orthodox Jewish.

Don't believe me? This is SKA's dress code:
  • Skirts, no pants; no pants under skirts
  • Sleeves touching or almost touching elbows
  • No low necks or V-necks
  • No tight shirts (ok, this one is flaunted)
  • No shirts with "inappropriate" writing- i.e. band names
  • Stomachs and backs covered
  • Socks
  • "Nothing outrageous"- this includes innocuous things like green nailpolish and any piercings other than one in (the lower part of) each ear
Classes are in the dual curriculum mold, and so begin at 8:30 and end at 5:15. Everyone has one 40 minute period of prayer, and prayer is mandatory. (There is a group of about 10 students with a 25 minute period of prayer, owing to their schedules.)

Some puns played on the fact that the school is named "skah": Ska's the limit. AbSKAlut Sophomores. Ska spa. Other mocking cheers: S-K-A! We are gay! Girlfriend let's go all the way!

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