Steen Mogensen, born in December in Copenhagen, picked up the bass for the first time at the age of 13. He was inspired by his brother who was playing guitar in a rock band.

After school he began jamming in a garage with a friend who was playing drums. They soon realized they needed some help, so they joined the music school and began playing Santana and Beatles songs with some friends from school.
After a year, Steen realized that he wanted to play some harder stuff, so he formed a band and started doing some Thin Lizzy and AC/DC covers.

At the age of 18, Steen wanted to improve his playing and started to take private lessons on bass and piano, where he got introduced to J.S Bach and Mike Oldfield. Around the mid-eighties, Steen joined a band called Rebellion featuring ex Witch Cross players. They did a couple of demo tapes and played a string of club gigs, but the style was too traditional with no room for experimenting with different music forms.

In 1988, Steen joined forces with André Andersen in Apart, which after a couple of line up changes and musical adjustments, became Royal Hunt in 1989.

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