The other day at the office I was stinkpalmed. Not in the traditional, Mallrats sort of way, but instead I was hit with a stealth stinkpalm.

When I arrived at work I grabbed a bottle of orange juice from the cafeteria and headed upstairs to my office. On the way I opened a door in the stairway. It wasn't till I started drinking my OJ that the stench hit me. Someone had opened that very door with a raunchy perfume on their hand. It was the cheap kind, that stays with you all day, and everything you touch also becomes infected. I washed my hands twice but it was no help. By that point my juice bottle was infected and I couldn't bring it near my face without gagging. Blech.

Clearly this is a stealth stinkpalm in the sense that I never would have expected it from a doorknob. But in the same way, wasn't this also a drive-by stinkpalming? The person who did the stinkpalm never could have known who would be the victim of his or her stink. Yes, this was a wanton act of utter destruction.

There oughta be a law.

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