Steak sauce is a tasty condiment of British origin. It is a tangy brown tomato based sauce, which is very yummy indeed on steak and also fries or potatoes. See the excellent writeup in brown sauce for more information.

I have enjoyed this for many years, on steak and roast and all sorts of things, but I have found that the more traditional tomato based sauces can get a little boring. One day when we had a few guests over I decided to change things around and see if I couldn't make a tasty steak sauce myself. This if what I have come up with, and all who have tried it were very impressed. I was forced to make a second batch, because we ran out!

This is a spicy, thick sauce that is actually very easy to make. I think it has a slightly Thai taste to it, but I'm not sure if that is an accurate description.

Stuff you will need:

All you have to do is put this stuff in a bowl and microwave for about 1 minute on high. It will end up as a dark brown sauce that is fairly runny, but will congeal as it cools. I just pour some of this over and around sliced steak and serve it on a platter. It looks nice to throw some green onion on top, too.

Some variations I have tried include adding a little sesame oil, dried coriander seed, garlic, and tamarind. These are all tasty things to add, and I encourage you to try different stuff.


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