Sportstalk Radio host in Atlanta on WQXI 790 The Zone. Berated almost every day by Don Imus on Imus In The Morning, hes a host on Local Atlanta Radio Program, Mayhem in the PM, along with Mike Bell and Beau Bock.

Granted, he is sort of a loser, but I yawn at the almost Daily Beating he gets on Imus In The Morning almost every day. I imagine, he understands that Publicity is Publicity. Which explains his appearances on Don Imus' program.

However I want to see him get in a fistfight with Patrick MacEnroe, that would be great. Preferably this would be on MSNBC.

Although the reason I support Steak Shapiro is because Don Imus hates him, it's still A very good reason, since the reason most people hate Steak Shapiro is the same.

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