This is a quick and easy meal for all you grill masters out there. It takes about ten minute’s preparation time and about fifteen more cooking. Before you head off to the grocery store make sure you have butter, pepper, onion, dry mustard and Worcestershire sauce on hand. When looking for a good cut of sirloin make sure to check for marbling. Marbling is the white streaking through the meat. It’s fat and a nice light marbling is a good thing as far as tenderness goes. Too little the steak will be tough, too much and the meat will be greasy. It takes a few purchases and a little trial and error to find the right balance that meets your tastes. Lightly score edges of steak at one-inch intervals. Then preheat the grill or broiler. If your grilling you might want to try sprinkling fresh herbs on the hot coals to add some extra flavor to the meat. While it’s heating up combine the butter, parsley, onion, Worcestershire sauce, pepper and mustard in a small sauce pan. Make sure to stir constantly over a low heat until the butter melts. Set aside about a fourth of the mixture.

Now you’re ready to head out to the grill! A clean grill rack will keep meat from sticking while it cooks. After the grill is hot take a wire brush and firmly rub it across the rack. It’s easy to keep all the campers happy by grilling the steaks “to order” by cutting the steak into serving sizes before cooking. Smaller pieces mean quicker cooking too!

Place steak on grill or broiler and brush with the butter mixture. Baste often while it cooks for about about 6 minutes per side for medium. Place the steak on a serving platter and cut into thin slices (about a quarter inch) across the grain. Take the mixture you set aside earlier and drizzle over the steak.

This recipe serves six and goes great with Grilled Asparagus or vegetable kabobs .

Leftovers? Wrap up any leftover steak. It keeps well in the fridge for two days and makes a terrific last minute salad for a light supper or served along side eggs for breakfast.

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