"Starting Java ..." is netscapese, a language I have come to master through years of pain and study, but mostly pain.

It literally means:

You can either go and make yourself a nice cup of coffee or just wank off somewhere private: or you can sit there on your butt as I try to load in RAM half of your file system while simultaneously sucking through the net at tom-tom drum data rate (5 bit/s) a 100 K Java collection of crummy bytecode that either will probably crash me quite horribly (possibly injuring your OS in the process) or display a spinning teapot, complete with bad rendering artifacts and flicker.
And don't even think about the stop button. I mean, you touch that sucker, you could just as well power cycle.

Netscapese is indeed a remarkably compact language, but it is not one you would want your children to speak.

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