Published in 1980 by Task Force Games, StarFire II is a stand alone follow up to the science fiction microgame StarFire. In this game you can play as the Terrans, Orions or Rigellians across the multiple scenerio story line of the continued conflict caused by these races expansion across space.

The game mechanics are fairly straight forward. Unit counters representing star ships and support fighters go thru player turns until certain objectives are reached. These objectives are outlined in the each scenario's description.

The sequence of each turn is as follows:
  • Initiative Determination Phase
  • Movement Phase
  • Combat Phase
  • Assault Movement Phase
  • Fighter Attack Phase
  • Record Keeping

    Like Warpwar the unit counter itself does not hold the attack, defense or movement value of each ship, that is kept on a sheet of paper. A unit counter's actual values are not known to the enemy unless all the defenses have been stripped away.

    There are two main classes of ships. Battle ships, destroyers and cruisers make up the heavy class and one or two pilot fighters make up the other. Fighters are less about defense, they barely have any, and more about attack. In the sequence of each turn they get extra movement in the Assault Movement Phase and extra attack in the Fighter Attack Phase.

    There are 8 pre planned scenarios outlined in the rule book but players should be able to come up with plenty more. There are a few optional/advanced rules that help up the replay value of this game greatly.

    The StarFire Series is still alive after 20 some odd years of playing, expansion and reprintings. A new Third Edition set of rules can be had from Task Force Games.
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