StarChat is the best IRC network out there, which makes it more annoying that I was akilled for being subversive and an evil minion of Satan or something. Servers come and go so fast that from tribbel's IRC server list, only Keywest, Okeechobee, Reality, and Magic are linked - oh, and Nexus-New was renamed to Nexus.

StarChat is run by StarCouncil, who meet every week at ungodly times of the day and rarely get things done. Starcouncil consists of the NetAdmin, jinxi, and an odd number of Services Root Admins. Jinxi does not vote, but she has veto power, so she doesn't need to vote, so much as decide how it's going to be. For anything unimportant, she lets the SRAs decide it, but if it's worth anyone's time, she decides on her own and tells them what she wants, and then if they disagree, they have to convince her.

StarChat is full of politics and is a horrible place to be an IRCop. The IRCops you meet in #starchat, the main help channel, are either idiots, or they are making a show of being there so they don't get deopered. Users come in with stupid questions like 'I forgot how to breathe, can you help me?' and then idle for hours immediately after until someone kicks them.

The good IRCops stay out of #starchat unless they want to keep their O: lines, in which case they wait until there are a lot of Services Roots in #starchat, join, idle for an hour, but comment when there are no users waiting to be helped, then go back to idling when some idiot forgets which is the keyboard and which is the plate of chinese food they just reheated, and which one do they type on if they want to register a nickname. These good IRCops do things like handle routing, which keeps the network in one piece, do coding on the IRC daemon and services, make sure K: lines are properly in place, and get bitched at for doing nothing because jinxi doesn't understand what she can't see.

Good SC IRCops usually develop an attitude and get bitter and resentful of the idiots that the rest of the oper staff are, and at the stupid rules council makes, and usually get pissed off because everyone thinks they're slackers, and end up leaving, nad hating IRC until they realize it's StarChat Opering they hate.

Still, I must admit, if you're not an oper, it's the best IRC network out there, I'm just akilled (jinxi set four akills to be certain, so I don't think it's negotiable). Now I hang out on Openprojects instead, where StarChat's #linux channel moved to #starlinux. Oh well, it was a nice place to chill.

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