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Travel the nodes, meet interesting users, kill them.
Eating, sleeping, drinking, soapboxing
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When life gives you lemons, ask for a pitcher, some ice, sugar, carbonated water, and some vodka.
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Just because I say Happy Hanukkah doesn't mean I'm Jewish
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Drop me a line if you really want to, I'm out on the net somewhere... Look for a soapbox, I'll be on top of it.

Life... don't talk to me about life...

SharQ says your latest node is a streak of genious. If I could C!, I would C!.
Cool Man Eddie says WarMachine just cooled your writeup on Love expressed over the internet is no less valid, baby
KillerPenguin says I liked your writeup, in my opinion it could use some better linking, use the pipelink and search for related writeups, for instance, not entirely founded is most definitely not a node since it's not a complete thought even so pipelink like a bunny, there are endless possibilities, search for love, internet love, geek love, remember, ignore exact and Near Matches are you friends 8)
anemotis says Your writeup, "love expressed over the internet...." is very well written, and I extend my thanks for sharing something that I can so closely to relate to. One suggestion: you might consider changing the word conception to concept. I know they basically mean the same things, and I'm not even entirely sure concept is really the word you are looking for, but I think it fits better given the usage of the word. *grin* that's all. feel free to ignore me.
wharfinger says I removed the internet relationship thing. I'm sorry, but the last thing we need here is more unfocused musings about relationships.

This is how most of my life goes. I'm used to it by now.