Stanton Magnetics began life in 1946, producing phonograph cartridges and styli. Their website's sweeping statements claim "Stanton holds more patents, more industry firsts and more quality products than any other manufacturer in the world." While this may be up for debate, they are one of the few companies that have taken an aim directly at replacing the Technics sl-1200, the DJ turntable of choice for over 20 years. The Tech 12 is the undisputed champion in music production circles around the world, so trumping it is a challenging task. While it is inconceivable that the Stantons could seriously dethrone the 1200s, they do possess an allure all their own. With high torque (probably still falls short of the tech 12s, though...), good looks and a few 'extras' (such as digital S/PDIF outputs and a reverse function that still provides considerable torque) they hope to appeal to at least the bedroom DJ on a shoestring budget. Also notable are the straight tonearms Stanton favors. Straight tonearms, in theory at least, provide better tracking with less tracking weight, preserving your vinyl while at the same time providing better anti-skipping/skating.

But turntables are not their only expertise. Marketed for DJs, they have an entire line of mixers (featuring their optical crossfader, no more graphite contacts wearing out in crossfaders), cartridges (audiophiles have been known to swear by them), CD players, headphones, and rack equipment (mostly sound processing; filters and equalizers). Further removed are their communications and medical electric products, including bone conduction microphones.

Their website can be found at

The founder of Stanton Magnetics just died recently. Thanks mkb.

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