This seems to be the latest rage in idiocy...

People buy tickets to a baseball game... then, sitting in the first couple of rows near home plate, they take out their cell phone and call each of their friends, tell them to turn on the TV, and then wave to the camera so their friends can see...

"Dawn Marie? It's Jeannie! Put on the Red Sox! Channel thirteen! Yeah, get Tony! See me? In the background... see, I'm waving. I'm waving and I'm holding a... YEAH! THAT'S ME! HI, DAWN MARIE! HI, TONY! What? Oh, OK!" (stands up and does a poor rendition of the macarena) "Isn't that great! This is so much FUN! I'm going to call Carla and Beth Ann now! OK, bye, Dawn Marie! Bye!"

I sat behind a woman who did this for just short of two hours. Every time a left-handed batter came up, she started dialing. She did the macarena, some type of cabbage patch, a raise the roof... she even called someone just to give them the finger.

How pathetic is that? "Hello! I'm on television right now! Well, no, not me as such, I'm just in the background! But see, I'm on your TV, but I'm also talking to you on a cell phone at the same time! It's like, you can see me AND hear me at the same time, but I'm not actually right there in the room with you right now! Isn't that great?"

The only true and just thing to happen to someone like this is a screaming line drive shattering their sorry little Nokia 5100 to pieces, forcing them to wait at least a week before spewing their verbal diarrhea in this manner again. But of course, it never happens.

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