Nichole is my fiancee. She drives a 1995 Geo Metro which isn't nearly as fuel efficient as it ought to be. So, while she isn't chronically running out of gas while on the road, it seems to happen to her a disproportionate number of times. Four, to be precise, as of yesterday.

The most recent incident was when she was pulling out of the parking lot of the local Walgreens. I was going back to her apartment while she went a block to fill up at the Clark gas station. But halfway there, her car puttered out. So she said a quick prayer to God along the lines of: "God, you've pulled me out of these situations before. Please, get this car moving again." She tried again, the car started, and she coasted into the gas station just as her car was dying a second time.

Twice previously this has happened to her, once while she was two minutes away from the closest gas station: car runs out, she says a prayer, car starts up, car coasts to a stop in front of the gas pump. One other time she made the decision to get out of her car and walk four miles to the closest station, in the middle of winter; halfway there, freezing rapidly, she finally said a prayer for help and a police car pulled up right behind her immediately after.

Since this constitutes one more miracle than the three required by the Catholic Church for canonization, I've decided to declare Nichole the patron saint of empty gas tanks. (I'm a Protestant, so I figure can do that myself without having to muck about with the papal bureaucracy or wait for her to die first.) The advantage is that she has a cell phone, which is even better than prayer, since you can hear her talk back when you ask her to intercede with God on your behalf. It's even better than AAA, since you get instant gratification.

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