Squalus acanthius, commonly known as the "Spiny Dogfish", is a type of shark. The name "dogfish" was adapted by fishermen who referred to the schools of them chasing schools of smaller fish as "packs". Squalus is possibly best known as the namesake of the USS Squalus, one of the most famous submarine accidents in history.


  • two dorsal fins, each with a spine
  • second dorsal is smaller
  • pectoral fins posses curved margins and rounded free rear tips
  • narrow anterior nasal flaps.
  • oblique teeth, smooth with a notch on the outer margin
  • slate grey to brown above, sometimes with scattered small white spots
  • At least one albino has been reported.
  • light grey to pure white on the belly.
  • males reach maturity between 80-100cm, or around 11 years of age
  • females mature at 100-124 cm, or 18-21 years
  • lifespan is as long as 25-30 years
  • preferred temperature range of 6-11 degrees centregade
  • preferred depths from the 0 to 400 fathoms or more
  • winter month mating season
  • litters range between 2-11 pups, 20-30 cm at birth
  • lifespan as long as 25-30 years.

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