From: The Thorough Good Cook

Soup: 11. Spring Soup(Potage Printanier)

Mix in your broth the white of an egg beaten up with a little cold beef stock, to clarify it ; after twenty minutes' boiling, strain it through a napkin, and again set it to boil, mixing with it the roots and vegetables as follows :- The red part of a large carrot cut in small sticks half an inch long with a cutter a quarter of an inch wide, a turnip, a head of celery, and two leeks cut in the same manner, with twelve small white onions ; wash and put them into the boiling broth ; then add lettuce, sorrel, and chervil blanched sufficiently, and serve in a tureen containing three tablespoonfuls of green peas and three of asparagus tips blanched ; add a little sugar and some small crusts of a French roll rasped, cut round three-quarters of an inch wide, without the least appearance of crumb, and dried in the hot-closet. A dear soup, but not extravagantly so. This soup may also be served -, la Parisienne, a, la Regence, - la Chasseur, or with small forcemeat balls of fowl or game. You will perceive that it is fundamentally a Julienne : only there is a greater variety of vegetables, and they are not fried.
You will please to observe that I am adhering to my rule of not using French terms where English ones will do quite as well ; but when I have to describe a '- smart " dinner for -' smart " people, it is necessary to indulge in a little '- cooks' French," which is about the worst French with which I am acquainted.

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