Spooner Hall is the upperclassmen dorm at Northern Michigan University. Spooner is also one of the oldest dorms on campus.

Because alcohol is allowed in the dorm, you need to be 21 to live in Spooner. Because it's a dorm, you obviously also need to be a registered student at NMU.

Spooner is composed of 3 floors: Tequila Sunrise, Bourbon Street, and Comic Strip respectively. Each floor is divided in the center by the main staircase. To one side are the single rooms. The other houses the Spooner apartments.

The Spooner apartments house 2 students each. Each has a kitchenette and their private bathroom. The private bathroom gives the residents the privilege of not having to share the space with anyone but their roommate. The kitchenettes have an oven, a gas stove, a small sink, and some space to keep your kitchen supplies. Unfortunately, the kitchenette hasn't been renovated in a while, so the appliances aren't the most energy efficient. The apartments also have the sleeping area separate from the kitchen/dining room area. This provides more privacy and space.

The single rooms are the same except lack a lot of the luxuries. The kitchen, and separate rooms are both absent. Residents in the single rooms also need to share their bathroom with the person next to them. Each room is approximately 10'x10' instead of the 12'x12' for the apartments.

Spooner residents also enjoy the Spooner meal plan. The meal plan gives each student $700 to spend anywhere on campus during the year. In many people's eyes, this is more flexible than the other plans because you aren't forced into consuming your money in the cafeterias.

Spooner Hall has some relatively nice lobbies on the main floor which provide such recreations as: foosball, billiards, a large screen TV, numerous couches, vending machines, and the ability to drink alcohol. The lobbies are where most house meetings occur.

Spooner Hall is located a few hundred feet south of the Cohodas administrative building and across the street from the University Center and the health center. Spooner shares a parking lot with one of the numerous art buildings on campus.

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