An Australia-wide TV comedy program hosted by comedian Adam Hills. Spicks & Specks is designed to test the musical knowledge of Australian celebrities... and even a couple of other people, most notably Ross Noble and Hamish Blake. Four guest stars are divided into two teams headed by New Zealand comedian Alan Brough, and Melbourne-based radio station host Myf Warhurst.

Each half-hour show is divided into four or five segments with musical quizzes and games. The first segment is simply three questions on any topic about the musical industry, plus three questions on another topic. The second, third and sometimes fourth can be a combination of a few things, including "Musician Or Serial Killer?" in which teams are shown a photo and try to determine whether s/he is a musician or murderer, and "Album Covers", where a team member draws the name of a song on a large easel, Pictionary-style.

The second-last segment is almost always "Substitute", where one team member stands up and sings three songs for their team, using the words of a random book. (Heaps of fun.) The last segment can really determine who wins. It is aptly named "The Final Countdown" which include any number of questions about general musical knowledge.

Each week, the program's creative team also manage to squeeze in a few (more) laughs with the end of the program. There's always some sort of singer on the panel, and if not there's a funny music video or something similar. It's always great fun to see them laugh at each other and beat each other to the buzzer, but the end bit can only be described as the piece de resistance.

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