Internationally known as the International Communist League (ICL) and part of the Fourth International. Their website can be found at

The Spartacist League is a Trotskyist revolutionary organisation with a relatively large following in the US, and a smaller presence in a number of other countries. Unpopular among the rest of the left, they are often denounced as 'ultra-left', Stalinist, 'tanky', sectarian and even cult-like. Like much of the left, but not the ISO, they believe that the USSR was during its existence a deformed workers' state rather than an example of state capitalism.

In my personal opinion, they offer a good analysis of the world from an orthodox Marxist perspective, however their opinion on how socialists are to successfully bring about and sustain a new kind of society is lacking. With their subjective viewpoint they write off progressive reformists such as Ralph Nader, Ken Livingstone and indeed all social democrats as obstacles to revolution, in that they are simply apologists for capitalism. Their purist standards prevent them from forming any kind of alliance with other organisations, for example the International Socialist Organisation, with whom they would seem to be sworn enemies.

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