The Southern and Spanish festoons are butterflies found in southern and south-eastern Europe, the Southern penetrating even to the central parts. The species was first described near Vienna. From the total of about twenty geographical races described, the best known is the cassandra Hubner ssp. from the south-western part of the Southern Festoon's distribution. The butterfly is not shy, and flutters close to the ground. It often rests on flowers and grass stalks. The caterpillar is many-coloured. Its development takes about 4-5 weeks. It feeds on different species of Aristolochia. The chrysalis is brownish and rather stick-like.

The Spanish Festoon occurs especially in the western Mediterranean regions. Its distribution area extends from Briancon, along the Riviera as far as Spain and Portugal. It is also native in North Africa, where the ssp. ornatior Blach. was described. Hilly regions and the maritime mountains are the most usual places where it occurs.

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