Stardate 3141.9: The USS Enterprise encounters a derelict ship from ancient Earth history. After an investigation, they discover it contains many genetically enhanced humans from the 1990's, including their enigmatic leader, Khan Noonian Singh, as played by Ricardo Montalban

After they are rescued, Khan, with the help of LT Marla McGivers who has fallen under his manly spell of manliness, attempt to take over the ship. They almost succeed, but are foiled and dropped off on a small planet, Ceti Alpha V.

The whole episode would become the initial backstory for one of the best Star Trek movies, "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan", and a less notable retelling in "Star Trek: Into Darkness".

Space Seed was Season 1, Episode 24, first aired on February 16, 1967. The episode was re-released with updated special effects and graphics in 2006. One interesting blooper is when Captain Kirk breaks the glass to save Khan and accidentally knocks the phaser off of his belt onto the floor. You can see Dr. McCoy glancing over at it several times.

Overall one of the best episodes from the first season. The character interactions were fascinating, to paraphrase Mr. Spock.

Iron Noder 2017

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