Space Rogue was, at the time of its release (1989), a revolutionary game. In terms of my enjoyment I'd rank the game in my top 5 of all time. It was created by Paul Neurath of Origin for many platforms, including MS-DOS. You can download it online.

Space Rogue is a role-playing game with some action elements, such as exciting spaceship battles. Basically you're some guy with no particular mission. You can play the game however you wish. You could be a trader, a bounty hunter, a pirate, or take part in a mission to save your world from the evil Manchi. You could buy new equipment for your spaceship and take part in exciting quests. One of the more exciting ways to play the game is as a pirate. You can engage in exciting battles with ships that are stronger than you, and you have the choice of destroying them or demanding their equipment. If you're a pirate then bounty hunters will be after your ass and you'll always be running, so watch out!

The most fun way to play is to be honest and honorable, taking part in missions that the game will hint at. The more such missions you complete the higher your reputation will be. You can be a hero. No matter what your role is, you should engage in trading. It's tough to get through the wormholes that take you across the universe but if you do you might make a lot of money selling goods you bought elsewhere. That way you can buy new equipment and be king of the universe

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