I saw Sown in one of their only live performances. They are a lot like a mix of unkle and xymox, only scratch the English lyrics and put in Japanese.

The concert took place in this small goth/punk hybrid sorta place, where the room was full of strange stares at all who did not meet a dark evil stereotype.

The drummer, Paul Starr, took lessons a long many years ago in classic rock style, but quit to further his studies of drumming and advance them in a way that is all his own. He is influenced by jpop and anime music. His fills are much like a DJ shadow if he could drum sort of thing. On this particular night, Paul was forced to play with a strobe light flashing against a completely metal acoustic set on which he had never laid eyes before the performance. He performed excellently though, and his solo skills made jaws drop in the crowd.

I have also heard that Sown is making a video of the concert that supposedly can be purchased from one of the elitest Sown fans for a hefty price.

CDs of Sown are very rare, but if you get one, they are worth more than any other you could own.

Sown (?),

p. p. of Sow.


© Webster 1913.

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