A university located in Brookings, South Dakota. With an enrollment of 8,000, it is at least 1,500 students larger than any other university in the state.

SDSU is mainly known for it's engineering, pharmacy and nursing programs.

Started in 1881 as a land grant university, the campus has grown from 80 acres to 271 acres valued at $221 million. The university owns or leases another 15,000 acres throughout the state for research.

The current president of SDSU is Peggy Gordon Elliot, the first female president of the university in its history.

Just over 200 majors, minors and options are available to students here. Master's degrees are available in 30 areas and doctorates in 8.

Most students who attend SDSU come from within South Dakota. 30% are from out of state, or international students.

The SDSU library, the Hilton M. Briggs Library is the largest library in the state with one million documents on catalog. Oddly enough, this library is even larger the the State of South Dakota library. Yeah, SD is a small state.

SDSU isn't fancy, but you can get a really decent education for cheap.

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