Soundbug is one of the latest electronic gadgets to come out of Japan. Developed by Olympia, Inc., Soundbug is a device that can turn a glass window, metal plate, or a taut plastic surface into an audio speaker. A standard plastic suction device holds the gadget in place while in use. Soundbug is about the size of a computer mouse and can connect to any MP3, minidisc, CD, or cassette player. Two Soundbugs can be used to create a louder stereo sound.

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The sound resulting from a single Soundbug peaks at 75dBm. Olympia claims that Soundbug uses a material developed by the U.S. Government called Terfenol-D. Terfenol-D easily expands and contracts when stimulated by electricity. According to Olympia, the U.S. Government granted the company special permission to use Terfenol-D in their product. Olympia recently announced that the Soundbug technology will be used in a new hands-free mobile phone device for cars. Apparently, the device will attach to a glass car window which will act as a speaker.

Soundbug requires 3 AAA batteries, has a standard 3.55mm headphone jack, and sells for about 45$US.

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