Soni means 'beautiful' in Hindi. And she is, and I can feel it happening all over again. It's that sickening, happy feeling of losing control. Ugh, infatuation. Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Here I am doing nothing at all, minding my biz, then she comes along. But this time, it's going to be different.

This time, no holding back, no turning back. To many it may seem a great big deal, but, um, I'm almost embarrassed to say it, I've never kissed a girl flush on the lips. Being a very tarditional (whatever that concept is in my mind) East Indian, I thought the first girl I would kiss, I would marry. But, now, I don't care, she will be the one. Ultra Virgin

There's this small voice that says, 'you'll try too hard, she'll hate you for it,' 'you'll try to make things happen that were never meant to be'. I don't care, she's beautiful, and she'll be mine.

The fates owe me this one time.

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