This describes the average geek
Never kissed a girl
Hardly held a girl's hand
Never touched or been touched
Sex is entirely out of the question at this point
One is still as innocent as one can be
This is a good place to be
That is, until you finally find the right girl, you kiss her
and you make the magical transition from Ultra Virgin unto Virgin
I am still in the former of these two phases so I know not what anything else is like
But from what I've heard, I can't wait
I'm not pathetic, I'm honest
I am a proud Ultra Virgin.

I refuse to get caught up in the wild, confusing web of the dating world, nor am I fond of the tireless dance of female logic. Although, occasionally causing social tension and although I've been courted. (*sigh* "Such a waste...", thus said Amy) I am, in an unusual way, proud of my naievete.

Never kissed.
Never held hands.
Never touched.
I am curious as to what hair feels like...

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