Early 90's (1991 to be exact) "best-of" album by The Descendents that sums up their entire career as the best 80's punk band in the world in 28 tracks.

Listen in wonder as their musical tendencies turn from emo-core to stupid bullshit (but good stupid bullshit) and then back again!

Marvel as The Descendents morph into All in the span of a few short albums!

Watch as the band's lineup changes from song-to-song (with the exception of Milo and Bill, of course).

Stupify your friends with such impossibly ridiculus lyrics as:
"I like food, food tastes good" & "Here, in my van, I can piss in a cup"

In short, Somery is a perfectly fitting sonic legacy to the most emotionally asenine band in the world, The Descendents.

Required listening:

  • "My Dad Sucks"
  • "Suburban Home"
  • "Silly Girl"
  • "Clean Sheets"
  • "Sour Grapes"
  • "Good Good Things"
  • "Van"
  • "Enjoy"
  • "I Like Food"
  • "I Wanna be a Bear"
  • "Pervert"
  • "All-O-Gistics"
  • "I'm Not a Loser"
    (note the list is long- there's a reason..)
  • The rest of the best is as follows:

  • "All"
  • "Kids"
  • "Weinershnitzel"
  • "Myage"
  • "Bikeage"
  • "Theme"
  • "Coolidge"
  • "I Don't Want to Grow Up"
  • "Cheer"
  • "Hope"
  • "Get the Time"
  • "Hurtin' Crue"
  • "Cameage" (yeah, there's a lot of "age"'s)
  • "Descendents"
  • "No! All!"
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