Snowberrys are interesting shrubs often found in mountainous areas, such as the Sierras. These plants are charactarized by smooth rounded leaves and berries which are bright white. They can be rather tall shrubs, but are often groundcovers. This plant is deciduous, but after the leaves fall the plant often still holds many of the white berries. They are somewhat lobed, so that they sometimes look like white pumpkins.

This is a very interesting shrub, one which could be used a lot more in horticulture. It is tolerant of cold and fairly dry conditions.

Snow"ber`ry (?), n. Bot.

A name of several shrubs with white berries; as, the Symphoricarpus racemosus of the Northern United States, and the Chiococca racemosa of Florida and tropical America.

Creeping snowberry. Bot. See under Creeping.


© Webster 1913.

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