Intelligence is relative. There are people who are "book" smart, "street" smart and "people" smart. I happen to be "book" smart. That means that I know nothing about how to talk to people or survive in the wild. I can do trigonometric proofs, but stick shifts bewilder me. There are a lot of people like this. I think "book" smart people are cool, they are the people that secretly prevent chaos from erupting at any given moment.

It is sad that dumb people are usually preferred to smart ones when it comes to dating. When I asked my marginally intelligent used to be boyfriend why he liked dumb people more than smart people (this was a cleverly concealed question about why he liked his current girlfriend more than me) he replied that dumb people do "cool shit". Like jumping off a three story building into a shallow ended pool while high off sniffing a wallet. That's what makes them "special" I retorted sadly.

Give smart people a chance. Sometimes they have weak moments, sometimes they are asses, and sometimes they just want to be loved. Damnit.

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