A concept and/or joke about Baltimore, MD. As in, "Welcome to Smalltimore!" or "Well that's Smalltimore for ya!"

It pokes fun at the fact that you are never more than one or two degrees of separation from anyone else in town.

Some examples:

1) A friend of mine puts a personal ad online. Out of the three local people who respond, one is his best friend's ex. One is her best friend. One is someone he already dated.

2) I drive downtown for a class in meditation and see someone I know going for a walk with her dog in a completely different part of town from where she lives.

3) A drunken friend pokes fun at this random guy at a concert who later turns out to be another friend's girlfriend's best friend's fiance. Whoops!

4) Two friends from the 410 bbs scene suddenly realize they hung out with a strange Wiccan woman during the same time period, around 1994 or so, but hadn't known each other back then.

These sorts of situations happen in other places, but it just doesn't seem to happen as often as in "Smalltimore."

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