A sign often seen on American highways and interstates. American interstates are designed with the slower merge/travel lanes on the right and the faster passing lanes on the left.
Not everyone realizes this.

Ok, here is how this works:
Slower is a relative term. That means it must be compared to something else to have any meaning.

That something else is me. (The '99 and 2000 VW Jetta's are pretty damn cool.)

I don't give a rat's ass how fast you are going, if you look in your rearview mirror and see someone screaming up behind you get the hell out of the way!

Don't speed up. I know you don't want to go that fast, or you would have been already. Just move.
Don't wave me by on the right. You are in the wrong lane. "Slower," get it?
Just move over.

Is this just me?
Do that many people not get American interstate driving?
Am I expecting too much from my fellow motorists?
Didn't they learn this in Drivers Ed?


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