A nice instrumental piece played by the dead as a transition from
Franklin's Tower to Help On The Way.
Grateful Dead

Reprinted with permissions copyright Ice Nine Publishing

First performance:
June 20, 1974, at the Omni in Atlanta, Georgia.
Blues For Allah (studio 1975)
One From The Vault (/813/75)
Dick's Picks Vol 3 (5/22/77)
Without A Net (3/30/90)
View From The Vault II (14/6/91)

The title may have come from a fragment of lyric that Robert Hunter wrote for "Help On The Way" that was never used:

Beautiful lie
You can pray
You can pay
Till you're buried alive

Blackmailer blues
Everyone in the room
Owns a part of the noose
Slipknot gig
Slipknot gig
Slipknot gig

Did someone say
Help on the way
Well, I know
Yeah, I do
That there's help on the way

I don't know if it has anything to do with the metal band slipknot's name.

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