Horribly naff Scottish teenybop band - what would be known in later years as a boy band - formed in the mid-1970s; rivals to the more successful Bay City Rollers. The only thing of any real note about them was that the vocalist was Midge Ure who subsequently regained some street cred by forming the Rich Kids with ex-Sex Pistol Glen Matlock, Steve New and Rusty Egan, and then went on to replace John Foxx as vocalist for Ultravox just as they became successful.

Slik started out under the name "Salvation" as a rock band in the Purple/Sabbath mould, but went commercial after the original vocalist left in 1974. They had one UK number 1 single with Forever and Ever and released enough material that it was technically feasible for someone to release a Greatest Hits CD in 1999, for reasons quite inexplicable to me. The band itself only lasted a couple of years, disbanding in September 1977.


Slik (?), a. [See Such.]


[Obs. or Scot.]

⇒ Used by Chaucer as of the Northern dialect.


© Webster 1913.

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