Born 1949, in Ljubljana, Slovenia; Professor at the Institute for Sociology in Ljubljana. Zizek is a psychoanalytic postcolonialist critical theorist, among other things. Zizek's work, consisting of an ouevre of over fifty books, focuses on political criticism, postcolonialism, and psychoanalysis (particularly as developed by Jacques Lacan whose son-in-law was Zizek's analyst).

Zizek employs psychoanalysis as a methodology for understanding cultural symptomologies and tracing the unconscious and conscious forms of behavior which popular culture interprets and is interpreted by.

Zizek is actively involved in Eastern European politics, and was even a candidate for the Slovenian presidency in 1990. His works indicate his political focus which is informed by leading leftist philosophers such as Marx, Hegel, and Schelling. His political and psychoanalytical interests come together in his notion of nationality (or the Nation-Thing), which Zizek describes as self-contradictory in a manner akin to Freud's description of the phallus. Possession of it is singular and barred to the Other, however said possession also inspires a fear of its loss, its overtaking by the other, which is, of course, an impossibility, though the theoretical threat of it is ever-present and inspiring of various forms of neurosis.

If you like, you can read his resume at which site is also a useful source of information on Zizek.

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