Croatian novelist and freelance journalist. Many of her works and articles deal directly with the influence of Communism and racial issues on Eastern Europe. An excellent writer, if a little abstract in her descriptions; has been compared to Duras and Camus. Writes for many different newspapers and magazines in many different languages, including The Nation (US), La Stampa (Italy), and Dagens Nyheter (Sweden).

Drakulic was criticized in the mid-nineties by several women's groups for not speaking out about crimes against women in the Balkans. She responded in 2000 with S: A Novel About the Balkans (As if I am not There in Europe), a novel whose heroine spends six months in a Serbian camp for Muslim and Croatian women.

Deadly Sins of Feminism
How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed
Balkan Express: Fragments from the Other Side of the War
Cafe Europa: Life After Communism

Marble Skin
Holograms of Fear
The Taste of a Man - (not about sex, about cannibalism)
S - (published as As If I Am Not There in Europe - thanks, CatherineB)

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