In Norse mythology, Skidbladnir is the name of the boat that Loki gave to the Aesir to win back their favor after he had cut of Sif's hair.

This boat was made by the dwarves who lived in Svartheim, along with the spear Gungnir and an enchanted spun-gold wig that began to grow when it was placed on Sif's head.

Skidbladnir had the incredible ability to sail on any sea, but it could be folded up so small that it could fit in someone's pocket.

In Norse Mythology, the ship Skidbladnir was presented as a gift to the Aesir (Frey) by two dwarves, Brokk and Sindre, as part of a bet with Loki (read that story here - also note that the above writeup may still be correct in other stories, since Norse Mythology is very inconsistent).

Skidbladnir is a huge ship made of gold, that will always sail with the wind. When not needed, Skidbladnir can be folded together, small enough to be put in a pocket.

(Thanks to Gritchka for correcting my spelling error)

The worlds oldest, still running steam ship is a ferry across Mjøsa (Mjosa), the biggest lake in Norway. This ship is called Skibladner, the Norwegian name for Skidbladnir. Skibladner has been running since 1856 and is a large tourist attraction. A fare will cost approximately NOK 200,- (about 15 GBP).

Skibladners website,, has more information.

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