Serves 2

You will need

To prepare

If necessary remove and disgard the tough white "muscle" from each scallop, which is found opposite the orange coral. Seperate the coral and set aside.
With a sharp knife lightly score the scallops on each side in a lattice pattern
Stretch the bacon rashers with the back of a knife and divide each rasher in two.
Wrap the bacon around the corals. Thread the scallops horizontally and corals alternately on 2 kebab skewers. Place in a foil lined grill pan.
Mix the basil with 1 tbsp of the oil and brush over the scallops and bacon. Cook under a hot grill for 5 minutes on each side until the scallopes are just cooked and the bacon golden, brushing with more oil when turning the skewers over.
Slice each tomato into 6 wedges and arrange on the side of 2 individual serving plates. Whisk the remaining oil and vinegar together with salt and pepper to taste.
When the scallops are cooked place and skewer on each place and spoon the dressing over the tomatoes. Garnish and serve.

I suggest these are served on a bed of saffron rice.

cooking for one or two

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