Skaro is a planet in the Doctor Who universe.

Native Lifeforms

Skaro first features in the story The Daleks. It is a war-ravaged planet that was inhabited by two races, the Thals and the Kaleds. They fought a long and bitter war, using up the most advanced weapons they had first and then working backwards from there. Our first image of this war shows people fighting with bayonets and rifles alongside laser guns. This war ended with the detonation of a huge neutron bomb by the Thals, leaving the planet a wasteland.

The practical upshot of this war was the creation of the Daleks, who are considered the most feared race in the universe. They quit this world as soon as they were able, converting people to Daleks and ruining worlds, at one point holding sway over a huge chunk of the cosmos.

As for Skaro, the planet was pretty boring for the next couple of thousand years, the only notable event being the return of the Daleks in Destiny of the Daleks to recover the body of Davros. The area surrounding the bunker he is buried in is still a radioactive wasteland, though the Thals must live elsewhere because by the 26th Earth century the Thals have assumed a position more advanced than 20th century Earth, having their own spacecraft capable of interstellar flight, leaving them to be the masters of their world.

Skaro is the twelfth planet of it's solar system.

In the story Remembrance of the Daleks Davros triggers a supernova as a direct result of the interference of the Seventh Doctor. It is possible that the Doctor himself had to alter the effect of the Hand of Omega, as the time this happens would result in a gigantic change of the history of not only Skaro and the Daleks but the entire history of the universe. As the Time Lords would probably put the Doctor to death for this you can assume it to be apocryphal.

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