Location and Economy

A city in northwest Iowa at the confluence of the Little Sioux, Floyd and Missouri Rivers. Sioux City is located where Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa meet. Sioux City is an agricultural and livestock center for the area. There are several meat processing plants in the city, as well as processing plants for honey and popcorn. Palmer Candy was founded in Sioux City 120 years ago and remains there. Current census figures put the population of Sioux City at around 85,000 people.


There are three main colleges in Sioux City, they are Morningside College, Briar Cliff College and Western Iowa Technical Community College. Briar Cliff, while it is a general college, has a very strong medical program, Briar Cliff college has a strong catholic background. Morningside college is also a general college but contributes more to the arts with strong music and art programs. Western Iowa Tech is a vocational school but is distinct in it's criminal science and medical programs.


Sioux City was incorporated in 1857. The site was first visited by the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1804. Seargent Charles Floyd, the only person to die on the expedition, was buried here. The first settler in the area, Theophile Bruguier, settled in 1849. Theophile Bruguier had befriended Chief War Eagle and married two of his daugters, they had thirteen children. He had found the location of his settlement when he told his friend, War Eagle, about a dream he had of land where two rivers joined together near a high bluff. War Eagle knew of it and led Bruguier there. Bruguier encourage a fur trader by the name of James A. Jackson to start a trading post in the area. Jackson managed to convince his father-in-law Dr. John Cook to consider the area for a city. Cook later plotted out the city plan and established the City as Sioux City.


During winter the temperature averages in the teens, though occasionally it will dip down in to the negative teens. During spring, weather conditions fluxuate wildly from the warmer 40's to 60's to well below freezing, often getting two or three heavy spring blizzards. During the summer the temperature is usually ranges from the mid 70's to mid 80's though it has been known to break 100. Fall is usually dry with a steady temperature change into winter with small winter-like storms towards the end of the season.


Sioux City currently has a Baseball, Hockey and Indoor Football team, who play against other regional teams. Sioux City lies close to several often used destinations for popular bands, the cities, Omaha, NE, Sioux Falls, SD, Des Moines, IA, and Minneapolis, MN. A large addition to the current auditorium is currently under construction with the intention of drawing larger bands to the area. During the summer there are many events to help with the boredom. Rivercade is a summer event that has rides, shows and concerts. There are also small carnivals that travel around the city during the summer. Artsplash is a summer event that allows local artists to display their work. The Art Center also has several exhibits, recently hostng an exhibit of Salvador Dali. Gambling is legal on the riverboat. The decision to allow it to run was voted upon in the last election and was extended eight more years. Other local gambling establishments include several small casinos in North Sioux City, IA and Winnavegas to the south.







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