Slang for cocaine, although there are plenty other drugs that can be snorted, nose candy most definitely pertains to good old coke.

See also eye candy. The use of the word candy as a suffix to a human organ, especially one which is vital to the 6 senses, is used to say that it gives pleasure to the person via that organ. In this instance, the snorting of cocaine dust via the nasal passages, and its subsequent euphoria is the pleasure that is experienced by the person taking the blow. No pun intended.

Recently spotted, wrist candy on an article which discussed expensive watches. Eh.

If you want something that is actually sweet like candy, white, and powdery to snort, finely crush some mogadons (Nitrazepam is the generic name for it, at least here in Asia) to a nice talcum powder like consistency, make nice fat lines up to 4 inches long, and snort away! The effects though are far different than that of true nose candy. Hypnotic, psychosomatic, addict, insane!

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