When I was a child, there was this book called The Girl with Silver Eyes. It was a kid's story about a telekinetic pre-adolescent girl. It probably molded important parts of my future psychoses.

The Special Girl had silver eyes...

Something made me, in my high school freaky phase, get silver contacts.

My silver eyes were fake...

All the good anime characters have silver eyes. So did Rayden.

Good guys have silver eyes?

All the good dragons on my old Dragonlance books have silver eyes--even if they're gold dragons.

Silver eyes and power. Of course, of course...!

Then I had this dream, and the bad guy had eyes of white marble; god had brown eyes. Where were the silver ones?

Grew up and now I can't find the eyes, the good guys with the silver eyes...where did they...

Oh. They're mine again.

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