The Silver Creek Falls is a series of ten or eleven waterfalls in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. It is supposedly the most waterfalls in one area in the 48 states.

The falls are located about 10 miles outside of Silverton, Oregon, which itself is located about 30 miles south, and 20 miles east of Portland, Oregon. It is still relativly close to the Willamette Valley, and does not require a dificult drive to reach. All of the falls lie within Silver Creek Falls State Park.

The two forks of Silver Creek itself are not particularly large, especially in the summer, but they fall very far. The creek is usually around ten to twenty feet wide and its falls range from 30 to 200 feet tall. The dozen falls are all within an afternoon's hike of each other, and the hike itself is considered to be of a moderate dificulty level.

One of the greatest attractions of the hike is that on at least four of the falls, the hiking trail goes behind the waterfall, into the deeply carved out cliff face. The rocks here tend to be a little slippery, so taking small children can be nerve racking.

As with any forested park in the Cascade Mountains, there is a great deal of beautiful flora and fauna, but there are many places to see those, and it is no doubt that the magnificent falls are the main reason to go to the park.

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