Silence Erebus is a new Black Metal band that, most likely, will only be seen on sites such as . However, if you are one of the rare (and gifted) people who listen to music by artists like Cradle of Filth, you will definitely enjoy their music. The three titles I have been able to find thus far are My Own Kingdom, Burdened and Burning, and When Hopes Collide. All of them are very heavy, filled with ever-so-lovely demonic screams and vocals that would scare small children. Not having many artists in this field of music, this is a band that must be treated as a prospect. If you enjoy this genre of sound, go to and download it. If you don't enjoy it, download it anyway. Just think of it as expanding your horizons.

P.S., despite the attempted persuasiveness, I am not a member of this band trying to give a shameless plug for the band. I am merely a fan and would like to see it get off the ground.

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