A.K.A. Frank Chiu, the Sign Guy has become a fixture in San Francisco's Financial District. Dressed in a blue sports coat, tan slacks, and sleak sunglasses, he walks the Financial District from about Market Street to Stockton Street to California Street carrying a sign reading:

12 Galaxies
Guiltied to a
Rocket Society

Whenever there is a political protest or live newscast, he is there, grimly holding his sign in the background. The rest of the time (and as far as I can tell he has no day job as he is out and about throughout the entire work day every work day and some weekends) he doggedly walks the streets with a bit of a limp, pausing occasionally to point the sign directly at particular passers-by or just stand on a busy street corner. His demeanor is very serious and he seems to speak only when spoken to.

Since the Bush inauguration, the sign has changed to read, at various times IMPEACH BUSH, IMPEACH DAVIS, IMPEACH (San Francisco mayor) BROWN, and perhaps a few others.

Interestingly, this is not the only part of the sign to change regularly. Even when it still read IMPEACH CLINTON, the word here listed as zegnatronic was changed on a daily basis using removable letters to read electronic, techtronic, technotronic, altronic, and sextronic.

I've never asked him the meaning of these various words, but when the San Francisco Bay Guardian awarded him Best Political Protester of 2000, he explained that Clinton was guilty of treason against a society 25 galaxies from Earth.

UPDATE: Sign Guy is changing his sign fairly regularly and now seems to be in favor of the impeachment of all past Presidents. Last I saw he was advocating the impeachment of Hayes and Harrison.

Furthermore, Sign Guy now seems to be sponsored! On the back of his regular sign, there is now a seemingly professionally printed color poster advertising Quizno's Sandwiches. Whether this constitutes an endoresement of his political doctrines, I do not know.

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