Dual band mobile phone which Siemens created at early 2001.

It has integrated MP3 player, dictating machine (even 5 hours), calender, etc.
It weighs only 88 g and is attache to an galvanized aluminum body.

Naturally handles also WAP.

The SL45 uses a flash card for memory and comes standard with one that will hold 30 minutes of MP3's. The phone also features an orange backlight, which instead of just turning off, fades out. Infa-red is yet another feature of this phone along with several games, email accesability etc.
Unfortunately, only months after its release the SL45 has been superceded by the Siemens S45.

Thanks to its MMC card or some other feature,( every Siemens centre gives me a different reason), the SL45 also crashes nearly every time you send an SMS, or sometimes, if you are particularly lucky, while you're answering a phone call. Trying to convince someone that your super expensive mobile phone crashed and you did not try to reject the person's call is quite a difficult task at times. It is also difficult to explain the reason behind your delay of about 2 hours to answer a message, since you put your phone down after sending a message, and it crashes, so you do not receive the reply until you notice your mobile had hung

Apart from that problem, it is a really great phone to own, just as long as you have tolerant friends, or you get an SL45 with updated software

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