A Berlin landmark, at the centre of the Tiergarten park in what was East Berlin. It is also known as the victory column, and rises from the centre of a round-about to look over the city. The column is topped by a golden statue (nicknamed ``Golden Else'' by locals) of a winged angel of victory, bearing a standard and a wreath of victory.

The statue appears famously in both of Wim Wenders' angel films: Wings of Desire and its sequel, Far Away, So Close. It was constructed in the 1800s to celebrate Prussian military victories.

Located in Berlin, Germany, translates as the Victory Column. A tall green column, about 69 meters high, with a golden winged statue on the top, of the goddess of Victory.

The Siegessäule sits at a busy 5 way roundabout known as the Großer Stern, the intersection of Straße des 17. Juni, Spreeweg Paul Straße, Altonaer Straße, and Hofjährigerallee. It's west of the Brandenburg Gate, within the Tiergarten. You must walk through a tunnel under the streets to get to it.

It was built from 1871 to 1873 to honor the victories of Otto von Bismarck.

Originally located at the Platz der Republik, it was moved in 1938 by Hitler's order to the current location.

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