Shumira is a character from the popular Japanese manga, 'Battle Angel Alita'. She is a young girl who is a little on the ditzy side. She speaks in third person, as that is considered cute to speak in such a way. She is the sister of Jashugan, a champion Motorballer.

Shumira befriends Ido as he roams the scrapyard, trying to find Alita. She takes him to a Motorball game, where he finds out Alita is competing as a motorballer! So Shumira is an important character in the manga, as she helps Ido gain contact with Alita once more.

Shumira appears in volumes 3, 'Killing Angel', 4, 'Angel of Death', and 5, 'Angel of Redemption'. She works in the Kansas Bar as a waitress after Alita finishes her career as a Motorballer. In volume 7, She settles down with a man and has 8 children! You don't hear much of Shumira in the later graphic novels, as she isn't an important character any longer.

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